Mission Statement


2016-17 Goals and Mission



The Students of Borger Independent School District will become educated, successful, and responsible citizens of our society.


Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement

BISD student performance will demonstrate gains as measured by scores on TAKS, STAAR, SAT, and other state and national tests,
while performance gaps between minority, economically disadvantaged, and nonminority students will narrow.

Objective A– Improvement of Dropout Rate and increase Completion Rate Borger ISD shall lower the dropout rate and increase the graduation rate with
the final goal of having all BISD students graduating with their age group.

Objective B - Maintain Promotion Standards

Objective C– BISD will meet Satisfactory Standard for STAAR

Objective D - Increase the percent of student achieving College Readiness Standard on STAAR

Objective E – Increase average Scale Scores on the STAAR

Objective F: Increase the percentage of students taking AP exams and scoring 3 or higher BISD will maximize the number of students taking AP exams, number of tests
taken and the number of exams scored 3 or higher.

Objective G - Dual Credit
BISD will increase the number of students taking concurrent/dual credit classes and receiving college credit.

Goal 2: Provide a Safe Environment

Provide a Safe Environment for all who are at district facilities, and attending district related events. The district shall develop and implement a strategic plan with specific long-range actions that ensure the safety and security of all who are at district schools and facilities or attending district-related events.

Goal 3: Increase Management Efficiency Qualified and highly effective personnel will be recruited, developed, and retained.

Objective A- Increase Emphasis on Resources Devoted to Instruction
Will demonstrate the effective and efficient use of taxpayers dollars.

Objective B: Enhance Teacher Quality

Goal 4: Improve Public Support and Confidence in Schools

Objective A: Borger ISD will improve the communities support and confidence in the quality of the district and will make BISD the district of choice.

Goal 5: Create a Positive District Culture
Borger ISD will create and maintain a strong, positive district culture making Borger ISD a school district of choice for educational professionals.

Objective A: Borger ISD will have a clearly expressed purpose, with specific goals and objectives that support it. Goals and objective will enable the District to create a powerful sense of community and shared direction among Borger ISD personnel, parents, students, and the public.

Goal 6: Provide Facilities-to-Standard Program

Facility assessments will be completed and plans will be made to repair, renovate, or replace existing structures in a timely manner thus enabling the district to provide safe, clean, modern, and well-equipped facilities for all children.

Objective A: Condition / Appearance

Objective B: Energy Usage per campus/ specifically comparison of new campus energy usage to old campuses.

Goal 7: Parent will share with educators the responsibility of the education of their children

Goal 8: A well balanced and focused curriculum will be provided so that all students will be encouraged and challenged to meet their full educational potential.