Thank A Principal

October: The month to honor principals in your
district and communities across Texas!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has proclaimed October 2017 as “Principals Month” in Texas. Across the nation, states are taking time to thank a principal for their dedication to student success and school safety.

Principals lead with one question to be answered at every decision-point: What is best for the students at my school? Research shows that the principal has the greatest effect on student success, school climate, and teacher satisfaction. Leading with conviction to the TASSP Motto, “Above All, Students First”, requires the principal to invest heart and mind in achieving outstanding results for students and adults.

Join us during the month of October in recognizing the positive contributions your secondary and elementary school leaders have made on student achievement in Texas. Take time to send a note of gratitude to the principal at your child’s school and perhaps to the principal who had the greatest impact on your life. Principals cannot do the work alone. Community support and engagement are critical needs in today’s schools. Connect with principals so that together, we can build highly-effective schools for our Texas children.

Borger ISD Principals and Assistant Principals are:

Borger High School: Principal: Matt Ammerman, Associate Principal- DeDe Conaway, Assistant Principal- Luke Welch, Assistant Principal- Sandra McQuade

Borger Middle School: Principal- Michael Cano- Assistant Principal- Clinton Grange

Borger Intermediate School:  Principal- Brandon Harris

Crockett Elementary-: Principal- Randal Hatfield, Assistant Principal- Emily Laurence

Gateway Elementary: Principal- Teresa Bodey, Assistant Principal- Lance Taylor

Paul Belton Elementary:  Principal- Daniel Kotara, Assistant Principal- Lance Taylor

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Mr. Hatfield 
Mrs. Conaway
Mr. Ammerman
Mrs. McQuade
Ms. Bodey
Mrs. Laurence
Mr. Cano
Mr. Welch