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Borger ISD Holds PEAK Expo Approximately 63 students and their families attended a PEAK (Project-based Experiences to Accelerate) ACE (Association for Creativity Enrichment) parent meeting Tuesday evening in the Gateway/Crockett Library.  A short parent meeting where the goals and objectives of ACE and the PEAK program were discussed and new officers were elected was held.  Faith Odem, Hutchinson County Extension Agent, presented a short program encouraging parents to check out everything they offer such as scholarships for camps, robotics, leadership, and public speaking training.  Scholars in 1st-8th grade were excited to share their projects and activities with parents that they have been working on in their PEAK classrooms.  Projects shared and displayed at the PEAK Expo included robotics, chess, little houses, shark tank inventions, catapulting, and an egg drop STEM challenge.     Many of the projects showcased were created in teams.  Ms. Morrow’s 7th and 8th graders have competed against other students statewide at Don Harrington Center for catapulting and the egg drop challenge.  Both activities require  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics) knowledge.  They placed first last year in catapulting.  Scholars at all campuses work with various technology and software and learn to become excellent problem solvers as issues arise.    Some students played chess with other peers and parents at the showcase.  Chess being taught in such a fast pace world requires these students to slow down and have patience and learn to be strategic thinkers.  The Shark Tank inventions require students to think of a modern-day need and make inventions that they think could produce in a current market.  With tiny houses being a current trend, sixth graders created their very own tiny houses.  All four core subject areas in the curriculum are incorporated and many STEM projects are completed throughout the year. 
Posted by rebecca.calder  On Nov 14, 2018 at 3:23 PM