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The Texas Nurses Association-District 2, in collaboration with the Panhandle Organization of Nurse Executives, is proud to announce the Third Annual Panhandle Great 25 Nurses recognition ceremony. The event was established to raise the awareness and celebrate the exemplary contributions of nurses to patient care, research, leadership, education and community service of more than 4000 nurses practicing in the Panhandle. The event coordinators set forth to promote the nursing profession and encourage individuals to consider nursing as a career path, and to create scholarships so that individuals could go to nursing school to better meet the healthcare needs of the community. Three million and growing strong, nurses represent the backbone, brain, heart, and soul of the health care system and continue to be the most trusted profession. Borger ISD is pleased to announce Crockett Elementary nurse, Abbie Cano, was chosen to receive this prestigious honor.  This is the first year a school nurse has received the honor. Teresa Bodey, Gateway Elementary Principal, and nominating committee member stated, “What an honor it is for Abbie Cano to be selected as one of the Panhandle Great 25 Nurses.  She invests so much of herself into serving the students and staff of Borger ISD.  Abbie builds relationships with both students and parents thorough her caring and compassionate service. This prestigious recognition was determined by the Panhandle Great 25 Nurses Review Committee which evaluated all the nominations submitted by peers, family members, patients, former teachers, physicians, and administrators. The Great 25 were chosen through a blinded process by the Great 25 Committee panel based upon the established criteria with each nominee’s accomplishments in the following areas: 1) Leadership qualities, 2) Service to the community, 3) Compassionate caregiver and 4) Significant contributions. Mrs. Cano is very honored to be chosen for the award stating, “Choose a profession that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life! I am truly honored and humbled to have received this award, to be recognized alongside so many other fantastic nurses. This award inspires me to want to be a better nurse today than I was yesterday.“ The following awardees will be honored at the Third Annual Panhandle Great 25 Nurses Ceremony on Thursday, October 9, 2018, at Polk Street United Methodist Church at 6 pm, Amarillo, TX. Honorees Organization Melanie Allen, RN BSA Health System Beth Attebury, RN Childress Regional Medical Center Tony Badillo, RN BSA Health System Adonna Ballard, RN Region 16 –Educational Service Center John Blakley, RN Amarillo VA Health Care System Sis Bond, RN Amarillo Kindred Hospice Christine Brewer, RN BSA Health System Darla Caldwell, RN BSA Health System Abbie Cano, RN Borger Independent School District Shirley Collins, RN BSA Health System Lisa Formby, RN Hereford Independent School District Machelle Funtek, RN Northwest Texas Healthcare System/ Amarillo VA Health Care System Jay Griggs, RN BSA Health System Angie Hamilton, RN Northwest Texas Healthcare System Elizabeth Hammond, RN Amarillo VA Health Care System Carolyn Hudson, RN Northwest Texas Healthcare System Verena Johnson, RN Amarillo College Clint LaFever, RN Northwest Texas Healthcare System Dustin Lambert, RN Amarillo VA Health Care System Yessenia Longoria, RN Moore County Hospital District Misti Moore, RN BSA Healthcare System Melissa Peavey, RN Dalhart VA Health Clinic Teri Quattlebaum, RN Northwest Texas Healthcare System Charlene Seale, APRN Amarillo VA Health Care System Susan Stach, RN Region 16-Educational Service Center Jessica Welch, RN BSA Health System Jean Whitehead, RN Amarillo Independent School District   2018 Scholarship Recipients: Because of the generous donations of sponsors, each of the following nursing students will receive a $1,500.00 Scholarship to assist them in pursuing their education to advance the health of the communities they serve.  These students will be recognized during the Panhandle Great 25 Nurses Ceremony: Recipient School/Degree Program Category Mary Graham Texas Tech University Health Science Center/2nd Degree BSN-Veteran to BSN Amanda Hokanson West Texas A&M University/RN-BSN Donna Kizziar Texas A&M University/ MSN LaTina Lewis West Texas A&M University/DNP-PhD. Justin Walker-Mulanax Amarillo College/ADN Tiffany Ruthardt West Texas A&M University/Traditional BSN        
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Borger Middle School Staff celebrates the three distinctions they earned Schools from around the state received their first ‘grade report’ from the Texas Education Agency on Wednesday.  Borger ISD received a “B” scoring 83 out of a possible 100 points in the various areas measured.  The TEA report shows which schools met state education standards based on three areas: student achievement, student progress, and closing performance gaps. “I am excited to announce that our district earned a rating of “B” and all schools ‘Met Standard’. There are so many great activities going on in our district, but we always focus most on our core business- instruction, curriculum, and student learning.  It is good to see independent confirmation of the academic success of our students,” stated Superintendent Chance Welch.   Mr. Welch goes on to say, “Our schools have a lot of success to celebrate!  I am proud of the overall 91 that our middle school earned, and I am also proud of the 91 our high school earned on College, Career, and Military Readiness, which is an area that we have emphasized for many years!  BIS, BHS, and BMS all received distinction designations!  Based on the original 2017 A-F results, Crockett made an overall gain of 9%.  Crockett Elementary had a strong performance in reading and math which Gateway and Paul Belton played a vital role in achieving.  As a district, we have a strong foundation to build upon!”   A-F Relative Performance is an apples-to-apples comparison of similar school districts and is probably the most accurate indication of how a district is performing.  Each district received a numerical score based on a comparison of performance to similar school districts.  Borger ISD earned an 85 on Relative Performance when compared to similar school districts!  
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Borger High School math instructor, Kimberly Johnson was named Region 16 Secondary Teacher of the Year at the recent Fall Kickoff. Every fall, 40 Regional Teachers of the Year are selected -- one elementary and one secondary teacher from each of the 20 Education Service Center regions in Texas.  Six finalists are then chosen from among the 40 semi-finalists. Following an interview process, the Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year and Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year are chosen from among the six finalists.   Associate principal at BHS, DeDe Conaway, is very proud of Johnson stating, “Kim Johnson is one of the best teachers that I have had the honor of working with and she truly deserves this recognition.” Among other accomplishments, Johnson organized the first BHS Math Fair to highlight students’ accomplishments in math, science, and engineering skills.  Six-hundred out of 777 enrolled students participated in the event.  Johnson was able to raise over $10,000 for prizes for participants. The event garnered huge community support from judges, sponsors and event attendees.  Judges included CEO’s, engineers and other leaders from local industry such as Solvay, Phillips 66 and CP Chem.  These judges provided invaluable feedback to students regarding their projects.   Matt Ammerman, BHS principal, expressed this about Mrs. Johnson’s honor, “Borger High School is extremely proud of Kim Johnson.  She brought her love of math to bring her community together in an amazing way!” Thomas Hodge, BHS Mathematics Department Head sums up Mrs. Johnson’s accomplishments, “Great job from an extraordinary teacher to not only get all the students involved but the entire community.  I might be a leader of the department, but Mrs. Johnson’s spirit and drive should inspire us all to try to be better teachers!”   Mrs. Johnson is very honored to receive this award stating, “I am so proud to bring this award back to Borger ISD! We have such amazing teachers that go above and beyond for their students, and a community that was overwhelmingly supportive in not only our math fair last year but ALL the events we have at our Borger schools!  I am SO proud to be in a town that cares so much about our students and their future successes.”  
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The Velma Freeman Gillespie and Zelma Freeman Root Foundation was established in 1995 by Mrs. Gillespie’s family to honor a deserving teacher at the end of each school year.  Velma Freeman Gillespie and Zelma Freeman Root were twin sisters who both taught in the BISD system for over twenty-five years each.  Mrs. Root came to Borger in 1944. Mrs. Gillespie came to visit her from Arkansas in 1946 and never went back. Mrs. Gillespie taught in Borger Junior High School for 25 years.  Mrs. Root taught at Borger High School for 26 years.  Both retired in 1971.  After retiring from BISD, Zelma Root taught at Frank Phillips Junior College for five years.  Mrs. Gillespie had two sons, Dr. Hamp Gillespie and Dr. Mike Gillespie, who both graduated from Borger Independent School District.  After Velma Gillespie passed away in October 1994, her sons wanted to honor their mother and aunt by establishing the foundation.   The award is given to a deserving teacher in the academic field who possesses the following:  A concern for students and the capability to inspire them. The ability and willingness to work cooperatively with colleagues. A drive to initiate activities that improve instruction for students. An ability to work effectively with different groups in the community. The desire to stay informed of current educational theories and practices” An ability and willingness to make meaningful contributions to education.  Examples of innovations started in the nominees’ classrooms.  Campus nominees included:  Manda Gowdy, Pre-K instructor at Paul Belton, Teresa Jeffers, Dyslexia instructor at Gateway Elementary; Tiffany Willis, 4th grade instructor at Crockett Elementary; Kacie Kaake, SPED math instructor at Borger Intermediate School; Shauna Campbell, 8th-grade math instructor at Borger Middle School, and Kevin Kuehler, Borger High School Band Director.  This year, the Root-Gillespie award went to Teresa Jeffers. Mrs. Jeffers was recognized at the Borger ISD Convocation. She will receive $750 to spend in her classroom. Each campus nominee will receive $250 for their classroom.   Several years ago, Borger ISD realized a need for teachers to help identify and meet the needs of students with dyslexia.  Mrs. Jeffers selflessly offered to help serve BISD students by attending many trainings to widen her reach to these students.  For four years, Mrs. Jeffers divided her day and expertise between Reading Recovery and the Borger Dyslexia program.    Mrs. Jeffers also devotes herself to helping others outside of the world of education.  She volunteers her time to helping raise money and shopping for disadvantaged children each Christmas through Angel Trees and Rainbow Room foster care projects.   Gateway principal, Teresa Bodey states, “Teresa Jeffers has a calling, and it is teaching.  She teaches not only her students, but she teaches us all in humble service and human kindness and true compassion.  She leads by example - teaching us all to wear a smile, have faith and never stop learning.  She is a beloved friend, colleague and a consummate professional.  She is worthy of this award and continues to leave a legacy of learning to touch the lives of all she encounters.”    
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