Borger ISD Nurse Abbie Cano Named One of Panhandle’s Great 25 Nurses 

image of Abbie Cano

The Texas Nurses Association-District 2, in collaboration with the Panhandle Organization of Nurse Executives, is proud to announce the Third Annual Panhandle Great 25 Nurses recognition ceremony. The event was established to raise the awareness and celebrate the exemplary contributions of nurses to patient care, research, leadership, education and community service of more than 4000 nurses practicing in the Panhandle. The event coordinators set forth to promote the nursing profession and encourage individuals to consider nursing as a career path, and to create scholarships so that individuals could go to nursing school to better meet the healthcare needs of the community. Three million and growing strong, nurses represent the backbone, brain, heart, and soul of the health care system and continue to be the most trusted profession.

Borger ISD is pleased to announce Crockett Elementary nurse, Abbie Cano, was chosen to receive this prestigious honor.  This is the first year a school nurse has received the honor.

Teresa Bodey, Gateway Elementary Principal, and nominating committee member stated, “What an honor it is for Abbie Cano to be selected as one of the Panhandle Great 25 Nurses.  She invests so much of herself into serving the students and staff of Borger ISD.  Abbie builds relationships with both students and parents thorough her caring and compassionate service.

This prestigious recognition was determined by the Panhandle Great 25 Nurses Review Committee which evaluated all the nominations submitted by peers, family members, patients, former teachers, physicians, and administrators. The Great 25 were chosen through a blinded process by the Great 25 Committee panel based upon the established criteria with each nominee’s accomplishments in the following areas: 1) Leadership qualities, 2) Service to the community, 3) Compassionate caregiver and 4) Significant contributions.

Mrs. Cano is very honored to be chosen for the award stating,Choose a profession that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life! I am truly honored and humbled to have received this award, to be recognized alongside so many other fantastic nurses. This award inspires me to want to be a better nurse today than I was yesterday.“

The following awardees will be honored at the Third Annual Panhandle Great 25 Nurses Ceremony on Thursday, October 9, 2018, at Polk Street United Methodist Church at 6 pm, Amarillo, TX.



Melanie Allen, RN

BSA Health System

Beth Attebury, RN

Childress Regional Medical Center

Tony Badillo, RN

BSA Health System

Adonna Ballard, RN

Region 16 –Educational Service Center

John Blakley, RN

Amarillo VA Health Care System

Sis Bond, RN

Amarillo Kindred Hospice

Christine Brewer, RN

BSA Health System

Darla Caldwell, RN

BSA Health System

Abbie Cano, RN

Borger Independent School District

Shirley Collins, RN

BSA Health System

Lisa Formby, RN

Hereford Independent School District

Machelle Funtek, RN

Northwest Texas Healthcare System/ Amarillo VA Health Care System

Jay Griggs, RN

BSA Health System

Angie Hamilton, RN

Northwest Texas Healthcare System

Elizabeth Hammond, RN

Amarillo VA Health Care System

Carolyn Hudson, RN

Northwest Texas Healthcare System

Verena Johnson, RN

Amarillo College

Clint LaFever, RN

Northwest Texas Healthcare System

Dustin Lambert, RN

Amarillo VA Health Care System

Yessenia Longoria, RN

Moore County Hospital District

Misti Moore, RN

BSA Healthcare System

Melissa Peavey, RN

Dalhart VA Health Clinic

Teri Quattlebaum, RN

Northwest Texas Healthcare System

Charlene Seale, APRN

Amarillo VA Health Care System

Susan Stach, RN

Region 16-Educational Service Center

Jessica Welch, RN

BSA Health System

Jean Whitehead, RN

Amarillo Independent School District


2018 Scholarship Recipients:

Because of the generous donations of sponsors, each of the following nursing students will receive a $1,500.00 Scholarship to assist them in pursuing their education to advance the health of the communities they serve.  These students will be recognized during the Panhandle Great 25 Nurses Ceremony:


School/Degree Program Category

Mary Graham

Texas Tech University Health Science Center/2nd Degree BSN-Veteran to BSN

Amanda Hokanson

West Texas A&M University/RN-BSN

Donna Kizziar

Texas A&M University/ MSN

LaTina Lewis

West Texas A&M University/DNP-PhD.

Justin Walker-Mulanax

Amarillo College/ADN

Tiffany Ruthardt

West Texas A&M University/Traditional BSN





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