Crockett Elementary Book Munchers  

Crockett Elementary Book Munchers have been meeting with Mrs. Patricia Wells, RTI Campus Coordinator, at lunchtime every week for the last few weeks reading and discussing two very good books. The fourth grade Book Munchers read Inside Out & Back Again, by Thanhha Lai. This story is about a young girl named Ha who moves to the United States from Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Ha ends up in Alabama and discovers that life in the United States can be very difficult, especially learning the language. Fourth grade Book Munchers for this session included: Sebastian Garcia, Ashton Garcia, Elias Diaz, Gavriella Garcia, Alice Burney, Mindy Johnson, and Madison Ogans.

The third grade Book Munchers read, Buddy, by M. H. Herlong. This story is about a three-legged, scruffy dog named Buddy and a little twelve-year-old boy named Li’l T. Buddy and Li’l T become separated during Hurricane Katrina. After many months of searching, Li’l T finds Buddy clear across the country in California. Buddy had been rescued by a loving family and became a valued service dog for a young boy with a disability. Li’l T struggles to decide whether to take Buddy home or leave him with Brian. Third grade Book Munchers for this session included: Braleigh Powers, Taraji Williams, Ryan Smith, Cheyanne Lantz, Carol Chacon, Easton Bryan, Phoebe Cordell, Alexa Gaytan, Olivia Bradley, and Angel Segovia.

Book Munchers encourages you to check out these books. You won’t be disappointed.
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Posted by rebecca.calder On 17 December, 2018 at 3:44 PM