BHS Scholars Canadian UIL Academic Meet Results 

Borger High School Scholars competed in the UIL Canadian Academic meet on  February 16, 2019.  Below are the results.

Accounting—Grace Hipolito—7th

Current Events—Angel Lay—10th

Calculator—Lars Nelson—1st, Natalie Hood—3rd, Katherine Davis—5th, Grace Hipolito—8th—First Place Team

Computer Applications—Ben Brown, Grace Hipolito, Pearson Bailey—(Great Learning Experience)

Ready Writing— Revaleigh Detwiler—1st, Anna Madden—6th

Number Sense—Lars Nelson—1st, Axel Nelson—6th, Natalie Hood—6th, Caitlyn Nguyen—9th, Grace Hipolito—13th, Katherine Davis—16th, Pearson Bailey—19th, Roma Patel—20th—First Place Team

Computer Science—Pearson Bailey, Lars Nelson—(Great Learning Experience)

Social Studies—Lars Nelson—1st, Mateo Lopez—5th, Axel Nelson—7th, Grace Hipolito—11th, Katherine Davis—13th—Second Place Team

Science—Lars Nelson—1st overall; Top Biology—Lars Nelson, Top Chemistry—Lars Nelson, Top Physics—Lars Nelson; Lars Nelson—1st, Katherine Davis—8th, Pearson Bailey—11th, Mateo Lopez—15th, Angel Lay—26th;  First Place Team

Calculator—Lars Nelson—1st, Natalie Hood—3rd, Katherine Davis—5th, Grace Hipolito—8th, Caitlyn Nguyen—19th, Axel Nelson and Emily Tremillo completed the team; First Place Team

Mathematics—Lars Nelson—1st, Katherine Davis—8th, Natalie Hood—11th, Caitlyn Nguyen—17th, Grace Hipolito—19th, Axel Nelson—21st—First Place Team

Congratulations Bulldog Scholars!    

Posted by rebecca.calder On 25 February, 2019 at 10:16 AM