Staff Feature - Ryne Onsurez 

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Ryne Onsurez

·         What year did you graduate?

        Graduated in 2016

·         What do you teach? What do you coach?

         I teach Algebra II, both regular and Honors 

·         Highlight a fond memory or two that you have from high school

        A fond memory would probably be ending Bushland's 43 game district winning                  streak, and another would be the address to the students I did on the first day of              senior year, and having people coming to me afterward saying I made them                      cry because I opened up and made everyone feel like family and they felt the same            way.  

·        What motivated you to become a teacher

         My motivation came from my desire of helping others both inside and outside of the           classroom in growing up and trying to help students understand a difficult concept             such as math while making it more enjoyable for them instead of it giving them                 anxiety.  

·        Tell about how you feel being back at BHS

       It feels a little weird being back so young because I had a lot of teachers that are             still  here, so I have to figure out what to call them. But, this is my home and I am             proud of it, so I enjoy being back.  

      The entire high school is under construction, brand new football field and facilities,             but still the same Borger High School.  

       What ar
e you most excited about for this year?

     I'm most excited about being back home with family and friends and with students I         have known since they were younger, and to try to change the mindset in math by           making it easily accessible to the students.  Just proud to be back as a Bulldog and           hopefully can make a positive impact.



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